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        公司总部位于被誉为“花城之都”的广州,厂房占地过万平方米,拥有研发中心、生产基地、运营中心、品控中心及培训中心五大分支机构。业务覆盖全国30多个省市,产品更远销欧美、亚洲、非洲等地,成为几百家星级酒店、宾馆、专业洗衣房等客户的指定清洁产品供应商。 为品牌升级策略全线启动,奠定坚实的基础。



        Coski company, which it is provide comprehensive professional supplier of cleaning solutions for star hotels, restaurants, laundries, industrial manufacturing and so on.

        More than 19 years washed clean industry professional precipitation, Coski, make cleaning easier.

        Since the establishment in 1997, our company adhering to the founder, " one cleaning area by one product," the development of philosophy, "the pursuit of excellence, create the high-quality goods," committed to creating a first-class national brand cleaning products, to make green, natural, cultural, taste integrated throughout our company philosophy. By high efforts of all Coski staffs, has achieved great development.

        As the "Flower City" of Guangzhou where it is our headquartered , our plant covers an area over ten thousands square meters, with R&D center ,production bases, operations center, quality control center and training center of five branches. Business covering more than 30 provinces, our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and so on,become designated suppliers of hundreds star hotels, professional laundry and so on . To upgrade the brand strategy,laying a solid foundation.

        In 2013, to create a Chinese clean washing industry century-old brand, Coski all lines started to upgrade the brand strategy, fully integrated update the product line by introducing a new generation of commercial environmentally friendly products, including building housekeeping series, professional textile washing series, floor cleaning and conservation campaign kitchen clean special series, laundry series and hospital laundry, swimming pool disinfectant cleaner series, hotel lobby, public places air essential series and eight series of five hundred kinds of products. To control the quality of products, all raw materials purchased from Dow, Novozymes, Denmark, BASF, Henkel, BASF, USA DuPont, Rohm and Haas, Germany Degussa and other well-known international suppliers of raw materials,and employ cutting-edge technology staffs, introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment. Coski company has been to become a "domestic five-star hotel designated brand supplier" for the mission, through the "ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification" to regulate the production process, tableware washing generate license, emission permits,the basis of quality with international standards set strict demands on ourself, and strive to become the most trusted customers partners. Our company received National Standard Of Qualified Products Quality Inspection, Green Environmental Protection Product, China Well-known Quality Product , China Cleaner Industry's TOP Ten Brands, Guangzhou Laundry Detergent Industry Association ,GuangDong Province Innovation And Excellence In Quality Brand Double Unit Commitment,The National Innovation Leadership Pioneer Brand,Good Faith Enterprise,China TOP 100 Outstanding Enterprises,Chinese Enterprises For The Year Of 2015 The Most Influential Outstanding Entrepreneurs and other honor.

        From quality - character - grade, Coski base professional product quality, and high quality staffs character,to create high quality life for customers.